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Airline Code Mem. type Rep email Country Joining Date Status
Singapore AirlinesSQ-618FullMr. Andrew 2018MIBA only
JetSuiteX AirXEFullMr. Kevin Horanpassbureau@jetsuite.comUSAFeb 2019 
Germania Glug AG GM-581 Assoc.Ms. Jacqueline Switzerland Feb 2019 


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Airline Code Rep email country reason  date
TACA International AirlinesTA-202Claudia Castroclaudia.castro@avianca.comColombianow AVIANCA SAFJan 2019
ACT Airlines9T* Ayça AKKÖPRÜLÜayca.akkoprulu@actairlines.comTurkeyAirline decisionFeb 2019
Safi Airways4Q-741Santhosh Vannerysanthosh.vannery@safiairways.comUAEnon-payment of 2018 duesFeb 2019
Rotana JetRG-482Rajendran Vellapalathrvellapalath@rotanajet.aeUAEnon-payment of 2018 duesFeb 2019
Germania STSilke Gauersilke.gauer@germania.aeroGermnayCeased to operateFeb 2019


...changed Membership Type

Airline        Code     Previous Mem type New Mem type Representative email Country
 CityJet WX-689    Full Associate Ms. Emma ButlerEmma.Butler@cityjet.comIreland


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